Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter Carriage Horse, NYC, 2011

The photographic above has a certain quality of beauty that I love very much.  Of course, I had no idea that when I took this image that I would love it as much as I do.  For one thing, it was not in blur at the time.  Blur was applied to it afterwards.  It reminds me of Christmas tree bulbs or something comforting like a child's toy.

The laws are changing in New York City, I suppose I should say that New Yorkers are fighting vigorously to have horse drawn carriages prohibited in the city.  It is hard work on the horses and there have been horrible accidents in the past where horses have lost their lives due to bad weather and freak incidents.

If and when the laws change, I won't have the opportunity to image horse drawn carriages so the few images I was able to quickly take have that special, exclusive edge to them.  I treasure them very much and have others posted at Saatchi Online  The link should be here at this site and at my other photography blogspot in case you care to visit, Saatchi. 

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Anonymous said...

Joyce, its not "the people" of NYC that are trying to ban the horse drawn carriage industry its PETA and other very loud mouthed animal rights nut jobs. Due to their influence the horse industry as a whole has never been more in the toilet and horses never before been so devalued. Thank goodness there are still horses around with a skill and job like the carriage horses in NYC. Because of their special skills they have a safer future than most horses do these days.