Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tall, Thin Soccer Player Resting, Photograph in Blur

Gorgon Riddle, When Is a Man Most Like a Flower?

"A man is perhaps most like a beautiful flower when he plays soccer with his fellows, male and female, young and not as young on the AstroTurf in springtime.

Now that you too know the answer to the Gorgon's Riddle, many safe, speedy and joyous travels await you, free of the necessity for petrification. 

Soccer Players #35, From the Sports Series in Blur

A cluster of soccer players rest on a park bench watching their fellow players in action on the field, just as a lovely blonde gal passes by.  Each dark player as well as the yellow-haired blonde appear as if flowers, in a park bursting with green.  Blur technique obscures identity but in sacrificing identity the viewer gets a certain amount of mystery, illusion as well as glamor to a certain degree.  Blur is not for everyone but perhaps blur technique is for you.

The Soccer Players, Blur Special Effects Art Photography