Monday, April 11, 2011

Resting Dynamism of Soccer Players in Springtime

Dynamism of a Soccer Player

Blur Haze Dynamism and Existential Special Effects Photography

Visitors interested in the latest projects I have underway, they include a Beautiful Canine series and Sports Art Photography that includes blur, haze, dynamism and existential special effects.

A note about existentialism technique in my photography is that it is imaging manipulated by software.  A repeat and nervous or striated look is given to the photograph.  The appearance of a certain anxiety or nervousness is often suggested. 

Despair, alienation and other components of the human condition provide a perspective on the philosophical anxiety that is more than uncomfortable.  Existential anxiety is depressing, sad and difficult to get through when it pops up in life. The dark night of the soul that can last a long, long time before life has color again. 

Dynamism as a special effect coincides with movement of a team of soccer players for example.  It is an active, movement oriented impression that will remind some of the velocity, vortex imaging that the Italian Futurists developed in their creative works some hundred years ago, distinct from existential tension that has to do with a generalized anxiety that is part of the human experience. 

The viewer can determine whether it's nervous activity, dynamism or an intended reflection of a possible existential despair or anxiety based on the context that the special effect presents itself in.