Sunday, June 12, 2011

Derrek, from the 2011 Beautiful Dogwalker Series of Photographs

Derrek in Particles (Afrocentric Cubed) from the 2011 Beautiful Dogwalker Series of Photographs

Derrek from the 2011 Beautiful Dog Walker Series of Photographs

Another component of special effects is Cubed or Particle or Confetti or Stained Glass style manipulations of conventional images and in this case it is, Derek. 

To my way of thinking, Derek is more beautiful than ever in these images from the ongoing collection:  The 2011 Beautiful Dogwalker Series of Photographs in Stained Glass and Confetti immediately above.  The pixels represent as cubes, confetti, glass, crystals depending on the degree of software manipulation. 
Will Derek recognize himself in these images? I think he will. The manipulation (or distortion) of the original image hopefully does not exceed what would allow for an honest recognition by the subject only.  Everyone else need only see that the subject is this or that, a male or female, perhaps. Alternatively, the abstraction can go to a very high or lesser degree which allows for a lot of decision making and part of the joy of working in special effects. 

You can have any number of manipulations from high to low abstraction and consecutively placed, they would tell an incremental story.  The original subject's conventional identity gets revealed at the end of the line (or at the beginning, depending)  whether the viewer knows the subject personally or not. 

Derek would be able to recognize himself more clearly at the end of the series of course, if the progression is from abstract to conventional portrait.  That makes for another consideration the photographer gets to make, a single image or a series and if a series in descending or ascending order of recognition? 

The images seen here aren't exactly the two extremes of high abstraction and conventional images. 

Abstractions such as these fall somewhere in the mid-range but, they do remind me to create one that follows the formula Pablo Picasso gave us in his Bull lithography series which does come to mind.

At a later date, I may post such a series of images for visitors and for Senor Picasso to see should he ever drop by my corner of the blogosphere to have a look.  Some visitors will be familiar with the Picasso, Bull lithography series mentioned above.