Saturday, November 1, 2014

Announcement Cards/Metallic Paper/Metallic Icons/Your Choice of Silver, Gold, Champagne, Ice or Others at Zazzle

Sculpted Edge Novelty Invitation Card Metallic Icons on Metallic Paper Gold/Silver/or/Champagne

Luxury Metallic Paper, Jazzy Metallic Icons, Invitation Cards, Art Cards in Various Metallic Colors on Zazzle

Is It Party! Time Yet? Pastel Blue and Customizable, Invitation Cards for your Next Party on Zazzle

FUJIFILM Laptop Cover: Burnt Orange/Gold Tones on Zazzle for the Holiday, Gift Giving Season!

Stylish Holiday Gift Idea for Your Laptop from FUJIFILM, Zazzle and Graphic Art Designer, Joyce Dade

Friday, October 31, 2014

Is it Time to Party! Again? Powder Blue, Metallic Paper Party Cards from Joyce Dade Art on Zazzle

When It's Time to Party! Invite Friends with This Cool Invitational Card : Floating Metallic Tone Icons on Metallic Paper

Customizable, Scalloped Party Invitations: Metallic Paper, Metallic Icons, Blue Front/Yellow Back on Zazzle

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ceramic Tile: Beach Design With Metallic Floating Icons

Explicitly For Him: Fine Art Ceramic Tile: Grey/Black/Stripes with Green Area from Joyce Dade Art on Zazzle

Holiday Ceramic Tile Gift Explicitly For Him to Match Other Accessories at Joyce_Dade_Art* on Zazzle

Holiday Gift Idea: Large Ceramic Tile 6" x 6" Blue/Blue-Green with Stripes, Joyce_Dade_Art* on Zazzle

Explicitly For Him: Matte Finish iPad Case in Dark Grey/Black/Stripes for the Holidays

Especially for Him: Blue/Sky-Blue/Stripes Fine Art Poster Print by Joyce Dade Art

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fine Art Poster, 24"x24" Floating Gold/Emerald Metallic Icons for Your Holiday Gift Giving

iPhone 6, Tough Xtreme Case: Magenta/Pink, For Her This Christmas & Hannukah

iPhone 6, Tough Xtreme: Metallic Icons, Green/Gold for Your Holiday Gift Giving

Especially for Him: iPhone 6 Tough Xtreme (Protection for your iPhone) in Black/Grey/Stripes

Holiday Gift: iPad 2/3/4 Cover in Red, Orange, Yellow Metallic Icon Design / Joyce_Dade_Art*

iPad 2/3/4 Cover: Bronze/Yellow Stripes/Holiday Gift Idea from Joyce Dade Art on Zazzle

Holiday Gift Idea: The iPad 2/3/4 Cover in Luminous Green/Stripes

Available Now and for the Holidays: A Luminous, Abstract, Autumn Leaf Color Field in Orange and Green for the iPad 2/3/4

A Stylish, Abstract and Luminous Popsicle Blue iPad Cover for your Computer

iPad 2/3/4 Cover: Ice Popsicle Blue
iPad 2/3/4 Cover: Ice Popsicle Blue by Joyce_Dade_Art
Look at Popsicle blue Covers online at

Ocean Blue/Green iPad 2/3/4 Cover: Abstract, The Ocean as Night Falls

iPad 2/3/4 Cover: Blue/Green with Stripes
iPad 2/3/4 Cover: Blue/Green with Stripes by Joyce_Dade_Art
Look at more Blue green Covers at zazzle

Sunday, October 26, 2014



A Speckled BluBird Aqua Blue iPad Cover for the iPad 2/3/4 @ www.Joyce_Dade_Art*

Burnished Gold/Pink iPad 2/3/4 Cover: Christmas/Graduation *** Practical, Affordable Fine Art Gifts

Luminous Autumn Green for the Holiday Gift Giving Season: iPad 1/2/3 Cover

Memory Lane Rainbow-Icy in Orange/Green/Blue, Color Field for the iPad 2/3/4

A Metallic Icons Laptop Sleeve for the Four Seasons & Holiday, Holyday Gift Giving

Pretty in Pink: Laptop Sleeve for the Gift Giving Season, Just for Her