Monday, September 25, 2017

Visitors, Friends and Family are all invited and welcome to visit my new Author's Page on Amazon. 

I have just published a series of anti-love stories, and want everyone to see what they are all about. ZOZ! is a collection of anti-love stories that may be just the kind of story you might snuggle up with on November 12th which is when they will release. 

The five stories are available on a standalone basis, on pre-order at Amazon. See the address link below. 

Visit my Author's Page on Amazon, look into the descriptions which will give you an idea of what each story is about. 

I hope to see all there for the pre-order, and on November 12th! If after your curiosity is satisfied, please consider giving me a review and or rating on Amazon.

 Your feedback is extremely important.

Thank you all, and see you at Amazon.