Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coney Island + Artifacts, Photographic, Joyce Dade (c) 2011

Bathers: Black Beauty, Photographic, Joyce Dade (c) 2011

Shadow here obscures identity but not beauty.  Three gals, perhaps sisters, perhaps friends - but holding hands in the surf at Coney Island.  A bird's eye view perhaps but a vision of beauty nevertheless. 

Avian View, Coney Island, Photographic, Joyce Dade, 2011

To be on the beach with camera in hand on this particular day was wonderful.  The clouds were enormous.  When I see clouds of this magnitude and more, I know it's time to head down to the beach.  No, not with surfboard in hand but, yes, with my camera - I know it will look like paradise and clouds like these do not disappoint. 

Trick of Treat Mr./Ms. Lifeguard, Photographic, 2011, Joyce Dade

Brunette Bathing Beauties (Latinas), Coney Island, 2011 + one Lifeguard and his Halloween Orange Umbrella. 

Orange Umbrella with Unidentified Lifeguards, Special View, 2011, Joyce Dade

The lifeguards gave me a difficult time this year and; I just don't understand why. 
How could I explain to those guards who gave me such a hard time that "...a close up (of you) just wouldn't do?" 

Dear Mr. and or Ms. Lifeguard, please Google me at your own risk.  :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Man of the Moment. Man of the Century: Kevin Trudeau

Dear Visitors:

A shout out of love to you for visiting again and again.  Not sure why you haven't commented but, maybe my blogspot is not functioning properly.  Don't be shy, please post a commentary when you visit.  :)

I realize this may sound like so much rah-rah cheer leading and believe me, it is that and more however; I want you to get to know, Kevin Trudeau.  You've seen him on TV and heard his infomercials.  I'm a big fan and would love you to have the benefit of getting to know and appreciate this man.  He's top notch in every way. 

I have inserted a banner to his site on the right side of my blog.  Pop in and see what he has to offer, his radio programs are a great way to acquaint yourself with this man who is doing so much for others.  You will fall in love with him too but, I don't want to sound like a schoolgirl here.  :)  My advice?  Warp speed, check him out. 

Returning from my "vacation" soon and will be posting digitals from a summer of photography at the beach and elsewhere. 

Until then, take care, be well and take a trip with Kevin Trudeau.  A trip extremely well worth taking. 

Love you!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunbathers, from the Beautiful Beachcomber Series of Photographs, Joyce Dade (c) 2011

Peace Comes to the Beach on a Day Like This, from The Beautiful Beachcomber Series of Photographs, Joyce Dade (c) 2011

Untitled Blur Photograph with Clouds, from the Beautiful Beachcomber Series, Joyce Dade (c) 2011

Tangled View of the Boardwalk at Coney Island from the Beautiful Beachcomber Series of Photographs, Joyce Dade (c) 2011

Tangle of the Boardwalk from the Beautiful Beachcomber Series of Photographs, Joyce Dade (c) 2011

A Haze Cloud Covers, Blur Photograph the Beach from the Beautiful Beachcomber Series of Photographs (c) Joyce Dade 2011

Beach Day, Early Summer from the Beautiful Beachcomber Series of Photographs

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Derrek, from the 2011 Beautiful Dogwalker Series of Photographs

Derrek in Particles (Afrocentric Cubed) from the 2011 Beautiful Dogwalker Series of Photographs

Derrek from the 2011 Beautiful Dog Walker Series of Photographs

Another component of special effects is Cubed or Particle or Confetti or Stained Glass style manipulations of conventional images and in this case it is, Derek. 

To my way of thinking, Derek is more beautiful than ever in these images from the ongoing collection:  The 2011 Beautiful Dogwalker Series of Photographs in Stained Glass and Confetti immediately above.  The pixels represent as cubes, confetti, glass, crystals depending on the degree of software manipulation. 
Will Derek recognize himself in these images? I think he will. The manipulation (or distortion) of the original image hopefully does not exceed what would allow for an honest recognition by the subject only.  Everyone else need only see that the subject is this or that, a male or female, perhaps. Alternatively, the abstraction can go to a very high or lesser degree which allows for a lot of decision making and part of the joy of working in special effects. 

You can have any number of manipulations from high to low abstraction and consecutively placed, they would tell an incremental story.  The original subject's conventional identity gets revealed at the end of the line (or at the beginning, depending)  whether the viewer knows the subject personally or not. 

Derek would be able to recognize himself more clearly at the end of the series of course, if the progression is from abstract to conventional portrait.  That makes for another consideration the photographer gets to make, a single image or a series and if a series in descending or ascending order of recognition? 

The images seen here aren't exactly the two extremes of high abstraction and conventional images. 

Abstractions such as these fall somewhere in the mid-range but, they do remind me to create one that follows the formula Pablo Picasso gave us in his Bull lithography series which does come to mind.

At a later date, I may post such a series of images for visitors and for Senor Picasso to see should he ever drop by my corner of the blogosphere to have a look.  Some visitors will be familiar with the Picasso, Bull lithography series mentioned above. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm in Love with Blur

I do love blur art photography and now that summer is here, everyone I image can look that much more beautiful if they appear in blur.  I know blur not for everyone.  Some people say they have to visually strain too much to see what's happening but that's not the point. 

Visually straining to see what you won't be able to see is not the point of appreciating this style of photographic imaging and unconventional photography.  Blur provides a certain amount of mystery and erases the clarity and sharpness that is not always flattering to so many of us no matter what our age or state of affairs.

Think of blur as another way to receive the impressions of what should be within your capability to get the impression of in terms of the photographic.  Is it a scene, a person, male, female and so on?  Once you have the answer to that why need to see every feature clearly when you can have the impression that they present as with a gentler visual impact. 

Blur reminds me of poetry, the edges are off the prose and you get the impression without all the verbiage which frees the mind to up to a certain degree to appreciate language in  perhaps a more musical way.  With blur, there is the beauty of it all. 

In the coming weeks I will be posting more images in blur and will probably dedicate this blog for the most part to this style of imaging.  I hope you will enjoy or come to enjoy, depending, what this special effects photography has to offer you the viewer. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Showcase from the Bicycle Series at PurePhoto

With summer here, sand is perhaps more popular than ever. And in sand, I have just build a small portfolio of abstraction photography at PurePhoto. Please be sure to click the PurePhoto link above and see what is up for sale at that location. Additional work will be forthcoming to stop by again in the week(s) to come to see a fuller selection of photographs.

Your patronage would be greatly appreciated!

As it is, I need new photographic equipment including camera, printer and similar supplies so don't hesitate to support this fine art photography that would look wonderful in your home and or office.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two From the 2011 Beautiful Beachcomber Series of Photographs

 Last summer was a complete washout for me.  I missed just about every weekend at Coney Island because of the rain but not so this year. 

I made it a point to be at the beach early this year and, I will be going weekdays also whenever possible to photograph the really beautiful people there.  For the sake of privacy, style and special effects, identities have been blurred, stirred or otherwise gone through digital manipulation special effects and, unconventional views of what I image there will be highlighted here on this blog during the remainder of the springtime and all throughout the summer. 

Fireworks on Friday nights will be here before anyone knows it and that's another opportunity to showcase the weekly scenarios at Coney Island and it is wonderful to be there to document generation after generation of people from all walks of life and all ethnic groups together and enjoying the beauty of the night and the beauty of the fireworks.  It is this photographers dream that I have waited all the long and cold winter for so I am looking forward.

I try my best to not be too obvious about the picture taking while doing so.  Some bays are nearly empty and others are brimming with people from all over the city, families and friends, all ages, all ethnic groups and being strictly in the beautiful moment. 

Lifeguards will hopefully allow for some images and I'm going to develop a series devoted to lifeguards.  If they don't consent, well, I just might catch them on a flyby anyway but, I don't want to make waves, just bring something back from the sea for my friends, visitors and family who visit this blog. 

Beach Comber Series #33 and #34

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tall, Thin Soccer Player Resting, Photograph in Blur

Gorgon Riddle, When Is a Man Most Like a Flower?

"A man is perhaps most like a beautiful flower when he plays soccer with his fellows, male and female, young and not as young on the AstroTurf in springtime.

Now that you too know the answer to the Gorgon's Riddle, many safe, speedy and joyous travels await you, free of the necessity for petrification. 

Soccer Players #35, From the Sports Series in Blur

A cluster of soccer players rest on a park bench watching their fellow players in action on the field, just as a lovely blonde gal passes by.  Each dark player as well as the yellow-haired blonde appear as if flowers, in a park bursting with green.  Blur technique obscures identity but in sacrificing identity the viewer gets a certain amount of mystery, illusion as well as glamor to a certain degree.  Blur is not for everyone but perhaps blur technique is for you.

The Soccer Players, Blur Special Effects Art Photography