Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coney Island + Artifacts, Photographic, Joyce Dade (c) 2011

Bathers: Black Beauty, Photographic, Joyce Dade (c) 2011

Shadow here obscures identity but not beauty.  Three gals, perhaps sisters, perhaps friends - but holding hands in the surf at Coney Island.  A bird's eye view perhaps but a vision of beauty nevertheless. 

Avian View, Coney Island, Photographic, Joyce Dade, 2011

To be on the beach with camera in hand on this particular day was wonderful.  The clouds were enormous.  When I see clouds of this magnitude and more, I know it's time to head down to the beach.  No, not with surfboard in hand but, yes, with my camera - I know it will look like paradise and clouds like these do not disappoint. 

Trick of Treat Mr./Ms. Lifeguard, Photographic, 2011, Joyce Dade

Brunette Bathing Beauties (Latinas), Coney Island, 2011 + one Lifeguard and his Halloween Orange Umbrella. 

Orange Umbrella with Unidentified Lifeguards, Special View, 2011, Joyce Dade

The lifeguards gave me a difficult time this year and; I just don't understand why. 
How could I explain to those guards who gave me such a hard time that "...a close up (of you) just wouldn't do?" 

Dear Mr. and or Ms. Lifeguard, please Google me at your own risk.  :)