Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two From the 2011 Beautiful Beachcomber Series of Photographs

 Last summer was a complete washout for me.  I missed just about every weekend at Coney Island because of the rain but not so this year. 

I made it a point to be at the beach early this year and, I will be going weekdays also whenever possible to photograph the really beautiful people there.  For the sake of privacy, style and special effects, identities have been blurred, stirred or otherwise gone through digital manipulation special effects and, unconventional views of what I image there will be highlighted here on this blog during the remainder of the springtime and all throughout the summer. 

Fireworks on Friday nights will be here before anyone knows it and that's another opportunity to showcase the weekly scenarios at Coney Island and it is wonderful to be there to document generation after generation of people from all walks of life and all ethnic groups together and enjoying the beauty of the night and the beauty of the fireworks.  It is this photographers dream that I have waited all the long and cold winter for so I am looking forward.

I try my best to not be too obvious about the picture taking while doing so.  Some bays are nearly empty and others are brimming with people from all over the city, families and friends, all ages, all ethnic groups and being strictly in the beautiful moment. 

Lifeguards will hopefully allow for some images and I'm going to develop a series devoted to lifeguards.  If they don't consent, well, I just might catch them on a flyby anyway but, I don't want to make waves, just bring something back from the sea for my friends, visitors and family who visit this blog. 

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