Thursday, February 24, 2011

Independent Artist Blues

If I tell you my work is visionary, I am not bragging just tooting my own horn.

Please note:  Abstraction oil paintings I have done prior to 2002 can be seen at 

I leave it to you to agree or disagree on whether or not there is something transcendental in my work that takes art photography to a different, perhaps higher level and; it is no mere trick or treat. By that I mean, it is not the special effects aspect that puts my photography in a category you might call inspired. Portraits you may see here are a small sample that represent a full collection of work that I have been developing for about ten years. I've built this blogspot for your viewing pleasure and to introduce my special effects to prospective art patrons and collectors. 

The subjects in my portraits are recognizable sometimes, sometimes not. Maybe blurred but never to extinction because the viewer has a sense that he or a she is of Mexican descent or African American; young or old, happy or sad emotion or emotional quality is based on what comes through the blur, haze, fuzz, lace or scramble of the image.

With no agent to take 50% commission or gallerist to promote my work, it is up to me to to do everything:  build the sites, find collectors for my work and so on. 

Many other fine artists who are in my position.  I advise where I can and take their advisement going forward.  I'm glad you are visiting my blog today and acquainting yourself with this sample of my work, however, much of my work is deliberately unpublished because I do not to overexpose my photography.  I am looking to publish my work through a publishing house. 

 If you are interested, please contact me for a larger selection to choose from.  

Suffice is to say that there is only a rare number of galleries that I have come across that represent African American artists. Art collectors should note that African American art is so beneath the radar that it is like gold waiting to be mined.

The day will come when those who collect art for the secondary market and for investment purposes will scout and snap up the best there is of African American art.  You could be one of those collectors. My advice is to start your consideration here, with this fine art photography.

Black art galleries and establishments are filled to the brim. The Studio Museum and other African American run establishments see your work and do what the other galleries do which is nothing because they represent and exhibit their own artists. They return work and they often don't have the vision either to see what is leading edge in concept and value as it presents itself.  

Difficult though it may be to be an outsider visionary, the world must have the gift I was born to give.  Others artists such as myself, outside the mainstream and struggling to be appreciated by collectors and art patrons and who have spent a lifetime  developing lives in art and beauty.  I have something worthwhile to give and, deliver it I will. 

As a black artist the struggle for recognition, has been perhaps different than it might have been had race or gender not been a real issue in gaining acceptance.  I am not bitter about this and I find, again that it is exhilarating to be independent.  The challenges are far greater and the rewards are too.  It is all riding on my contact with you, art patrons and collectors of interest. 

Of course, the many, many hours of putting it all together. Approaching prospective collectors and those who may or may not see a kinship with your work and help to further you along is extremely demanding but, in site of not having a rep --- the independent artist must get the job done alone, plainly stated and too, a lot of time is wasted in wearing so many different hats but that is what is necessary for the independent.

Community of interest is good too but then it gets competitive there too, everyone wants the same collectors, the sell, the exposure, the success.  Thankfully, I don't have a sense of that on Facebook with my friends or elsewhere on Black Art in America for example, my new home.  Just fellowship. It has been an eye opening experience to meet and get to know others in cyberspace and that in part is why I feel so comfortable sharing with you.

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