Sunday, May 15, 2011

Powerful Apigenin!

Apigenin, a name to remember and a supplement to utilize in disease prevention.  New research findings as brought to us by the generous people at Life Extension Foundation have new information on research findings that show the active compound in celery, apples and certain other foods have the demonstrated ability to interfere with breast cancer stem cell proliferation.  It's exciting news and I hope you will consider a bit of investigation into the benefits of this supplement that can be purchased for very little cost but which can help your body to combat disease and that in itself would be priceless. 

Camomile flower extract also contains apigenin and can also be purchased at your health food store and or online.

Apigenin is useful to treat other ailments including stomach upsets and has been proven useful as an anti bacterial agent and much, much more.  It is anti inflammatory and may play a useful role against cancer. 

I am not making any endorsement for products seen on these links but, I know that Life Extension is a wonderful organization and presents leading edge products and clinical findings regularly on and through their websites.  I share with you the idea that if the science is in on the efficacy of a product and or supplement, it would be wise to consider how it might fit into ones overt all protocol for health.

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