Saturday, March 3, 2012

Heretofore Lost End of Summer, 2011 Blur Photography

It was the end of summer last year when I had camera failure and thought I might never be able to solve the problem.  My camera, perhaps doused with too much direct sun, I can't entirely be sure why but, it failed me badly.  The last photographs I took in Coney Island at the end of the season would simply not download from my camera.  I tried this cable and that other brand of download device but nothing was happening. My beloved, Mr. Fuji, was simply not delivering and this was highly unusual.  I rely on Mr. Fuji.  However, just today, I used a different way to get around what had been on my camera chip and found I could easily copy over the files by manual copy. 

Now that the mystery is solved, I can go back to shooting again.  I do want to get the  new, Nokia 808 which is releasing soon, the camera shoots 42 megapixels and is under 1,000 dollars.  It simply made my weekend to come across this information and you might just consider it yourself.  It's a hybrid camera/phone that also plays Dolby audio and, it shoots very large format.  I'll always love Mr. Fuji no matter what the new guy has to offer, no doubt of that but, I am looking forward to getting the Nokia 808 as soon as it is available in the United States.

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