Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pop Quiz: What is Your Style ID? Are You an Introvert or Extravert?

Back in the day, long before many of us were even born, psychology minded people tossed around words like "introvert" and "extravert."
Are you outgoing and "extraverted" or quiet, shy and or just not showy on the outside and "introverted? We see an updated example of this idea as it applies to your choice of, in this case, designer Messenger Bags with all the KAPOW on the inside. 

Prefer the inner beauty as seen here, or the showy, dramatic good looks of your bag on the outside in the extravert version of this very cool, Rickhshaw Bagworks Messenger Bag? It's entirely up to you and your personality at the moment. 

Why not one of each for those times you feel like a Diva and those times when you prefer to Vamp in a more subdued way? Introvert/Black may just be your cup of green tea.  Browse the full collection as it emerges on Zazzle.com.

Other color options are available; please see the Category detail in the store. Designed especially for you, by Joyce Dade for the Joyce_Dade_Art store on Zazzle. 

We all know the truth about these kinds of fashion decisions, the sparkle plenty on the inside or outside is just a reflection of the shining star you are! It’s not the bag, it’s you! 

Thank you for shopping with us and for choosing from this collection. Enjoy your purchase.

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