Sunday, December 14, 2014

See another iPhone 6 Case at Zazzle

Did you know that Japanese scientists recently developed a variety of blue roses?  Amazing as that may seem, it is true.  My Japanese blue-rose inspiration here, as we see twin blue rose buds designed for the Joyce Dade store, exclusively on 

Case-Mate, iPhone 6 Tough Xtreme Case: Metallic design, Twin, Blue Rosebuds, the protection that your iPhone 6 needs and deserves. Especially for you, perhaps especially for him, a beautiful, twin, blue rosebud design for your iPhone 6 case.  

This metallic design and color is also available in other art related products in the store. You are invited to shop further in the Joyce Dade Art store.  

See the full range of available gift ideas for your holy day gift giving, holiday and special occasions needs. Thank you for spending time with us here on Zazzle. 

Enjoy your purchase!

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